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Angle Ranking Part 2

Every once in a while, I find these great threads about student’s personal techniques for a particular sections. Unfortunately, as the new threads are posted, these great threads are pushed back and sort of disappear without specifically searching for them on sdn. Thus, with permission, I decided to post those technique here so you guys can see them without having to search for them. ORLO, one of the contributors on sdn, was generous enough to allow me to share his “Hill” technique for angle ranking. Angle ranking is by far the hardest section in PAT for most people and I hope this helps some of you guys.

“Hill” technique

“Pretend that one side of the angle is the ground.(This may require you to mentally rotate the angle slightly, or just tilt your head, depending on how the angle is rotated on the screen.) Next, imagine that the other side of the angle is a hill. Finally, imagine that you are looking at this hill and trying to decide if it would be safe to ride your bike down it. For all acute angles (less than 90 degrees), the safest hill to ride down would the smallest angle. This is because the slope is not as steep. However, a steep slope (larger angle) would be scarier to ride down. Make sure you are riding down the outside part of acute angles and not on the inside, which would require you to be upside down on your bike!

For obtuse angles (greater than 90 degrees), ride down the hill on the inside of the angle. This time, the safest hill to ride down will correlate to the largest angle.This would be the closest to 180 degrees, or the closest to having no slope at all. The scariest hill to ride down would be the one with the steepest slope. For obtuse angles, the steepest hill correlates to the smallest angle. At worst (think of a 91 degree angle), this would be like riding your bike down a near-vertical slope.

Looking at the angles this way, (IMO) it becomes much easier to differentiate between them. This method absolutely worked for me on the DAT. If this still seems abstract, draw out two acute angles and follow my instructions. Repeat for two obtuse angles. You’ll get the hang of it very quickly.”

Also the “Laptop” technique

“Note: This technique works best for obtuse angles.

After practicing several hundred angle ranking problems, I noticed that it was very difficult to distinguish between two obtuse angles that had different on-screen rotations, even if their angle sizes were as much as 10 degrees apart! To conquer this type of problem, simply imagine the obtuse angles as being laptop computers. Mentally picture the laptops as having one side flat on a table and the other side extending outward. Now simply determine which laptop is opened wider. That is the larger angle.

Although this sounds too good to be true, I suggest that you try it. You might be surprised at how well it works.”



  1. Hello Ace Dat

    I cannot find the HYPERLEARNING PRINCETON REVIEW MCAT BOOKS ONLINE..I want to get the used editions..I only found one brand new book which is more than $100 for both Biological and Physical Sciences… PLEASE ADVICE!

    for biological science review book
    for physical science review book

  3. Thanks

  4. wow this blog is great!! Im a pre-dental student at the UOP and plan on taking the DAT this august. i was wondering if i would touch base with you and get your input of study strategies and other basic DAT questions.


  5. Thanx so much!
    This help me not freak out so much since Im just now starting to study for the DAT

    Found this site for vids of organic lectures (havent looked at it yet but in case it might be useful)

    this one is for gen chem

    random question
    gen chem and inorganic are the same things right? if so, im very glad! one less science course hehe

    again thank you for posting!
    looking forward to reading about your studying strategies 🙂

    • aimy, thank you so much for the g.chem site.. i personally hate g.chem and it was very hard for me to go thru the boring books.. chad’s videos are awesome and now i’m getting better.. all credits go to you .. thank you thank you thank you soooo much!!!!!

  6. Do you think Kaplan DAT blue book 08-09 and 09-10 edition are the same/similar/not much different?

  7. I actually compared the 08-09 edition and the notes are exactly the same. I think the test are very similar to one another but they mayhave changed some of the reading comprehension passages and questions

  8. Thanks ACE DAT,

    Your hill technique for angle ranking is amazing! I scored 15/15 on my first practice test since reading your post 🙂 My previous avg was 8 or 9/15 :-O

  9. Hi !
    Thank You so Much and I really appreciate you put forward all the important things together…its really nice to see your blog….I am looking for carving material too..I am taking Canadian DAT this November…. just need to know where can I get videos for the carving…Please Let me know if u came across any sites…Thank You…God Bless..and All the Best..

  10. Hi !
    Thank You so Much and I really appreciate your put forward all the important things together…its really nice to see your blog….I am looking for carving material too..I am taking Canadian DAT this November…. just need to know where can I get videos for the carving…Please Let me know if u came across any sites…Thank You…God Bless..and All the Best..

  11. Thanks for putting up this information! I will be preparing for the DAT soon and have been very nervous about the whole acceptance process. With tips like this I can ease my stress over it a little and know certain things to focus on.

  12. Hey, great blog! For angle ranking, I just cover the lines so that only the “v” is visible, and that makes it much easier to discern the differences between two similar angles, works better for wider angles that are not too obtuse. 🙂

  13. i totally agree with you, you really have to look at the vertex of the angel to discern the difference

  14. I have to ask how can I get the best study material and study skills to prepare myself for the DAT. I have two months and I am afraid that is not enough time. I just don’t know where to start. Can you please give me your best advice. My nerves and fear are giving me trouble.

    • read the blog thoroughly. if you think you need more time, you should postpone the test to prepare yourself better.

      • Thank you so much for your response! But I would like your best opinion on this matter. What do u think if I would try to study everything 8 hrs a day for a month? Do u think it is possible to do ok or am I just kidding myself totally? Also, if I postpone the DAT for another month or two( Sept. & Oct.) will I still have a chance to get an interview? Is it true u cannot get an interview unless they absolutely have your test scores?
        Thanks, Nan

  15. I think it depends on how well you did in undergrad. Some people can do it in even less time while others need more time. It really depends on where you are. I am not too sure about the DAt requirement for the interview.

    • I have applied to all three dental schools in Texas. My science GPA 3.17 but I am a R.D.H. I did very well through dental hygiene school and graduated with honors. I just don’t feel like I am ready for the DAT until two months but I understand interviews start in Sept. so I am worried I will not get an interview because my DAT scores will be at a later date. I understand we only have 3 chances to take it before it starts looking bad is this true?
      I don’t have a strong biology background yet! I still need alot more studying but I think I am concentrating too hard on biology because I feel like I don’t know that much on it as well org.chem. I am lil shaky on all subjects just haven’t concentrated on them because I am too focused on biology.

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