Posted by: acedat | May 24, 2008

General Chemistry Part 1

For this section, it seems like some people get alot of concept questions whereas other people got alot of calculation problems. In my case, I had many basic calculation problems on the general concepts. I saw problems dealing with empirical formula, Hess Law, and molarity questions to name a few.  Alot of questions were similiar to the ones I saw on topscore and DAT achiever. I would say the level of difficulty is comparable to that of chemistry AP in high school and it is definately easily than the undergraduate chemistry. 

The Ideal Way to Prepare for this Section

1. Print out the test specification for the General Chemistry Section.

2. Gather all the resources.

My Recommendations:

a. Kaplan DAT 2008-2009 Edition (with CD-ROM) (Kaplan Dat (Dental Admission Test))
b. Hyperlearning MCAT Physical Sciences Review. From princeton review. Explains the concepts that I had trouble with REALLY WELL. I am planning on keeping this book for future use.
c. Your Chemistry Textbook (or supplementary study guide) for practice problems. If you don’t have one, you should borrow someone’s or buy one. If you wanna buy one, I suggest you buy the one by Zumdahl.

3. Go over each topics listed in the specification. First, use the princeton review mcat book since it explains the best. It has most of the topics, if not all, that are coverd by the DAT. If you don’t understand a topic, try the kaplan book. If you still don’t understand it, get your textbook out and figure them out somehow. But I doubt you will have to use the textbook besdies for practice problems.

4. When you think you have finished going over a topic, do some relevant practice problems on kaplan and your textbook to make sure you know the topic cold.

5. Repeat for all topics.

6. Now you are ready for this section.

7. Once you have finished the other sections, start taking full length practice tests. Topscore is good, so is DAT achiever. Also the ones in the kaplan book.



  1. When you studied chemistry textbook for practice problems, did you do all the example questions and the problems at the end of each chapter?

    Could you explain more about how to study the chem textbook please?

    thank you
    I appreciate your post here. It’s awesome

  2. u dont have to do ALL the problems if you feel confident about the particular section.

    Let’s say you dont understand the rate law. Then go to the section in the textbook, and read on it until u understand it. Then do some problems to make sure that you understood the concepts correctly.

    • Hello I see this post is old, is it still valid for the DAT 2017 the methods and books which you have mentioned? I recently decided to go into Dentistry please advise

  3. Where did you get a printout of the test specification?

  4. Hi, my dat is in exactly one week. I’m still having major problems with chemistry. I’m scoring approximately 45% on my kaplan tests. What should I do?

  5. If you can postpone it, I think you should.

  6. Hi, Thank you so much for this blog. It’s been helping me a lot! I just have a couple quick questions.
    1. Did you take Kaplan online/inclass course?
    2. For g.chem and o.chem, do you think kaplan blue book is sufficient? I am using Barron’s AP chemistry right now to understand the concepts. It’s a pretty good book with good explanation so far, but then I compared kaplan blue book and kaplan’s book did not cover some details (may be it’s not so important for DAT?). What is your suggestion? Should I use kaplan and practice from the text book or should I keep continue reading Barron’s AP Chem?
    3. I am very weak in g.chem, and it freaks me out cause i spend most of my time understanding and solving g.chem problems (e.g. stoichiometry). How was your experience with this part of the test? Do you think questions asked in DAT are coming only from the ADA g.chem list?
    Thanks in advance!

  7. This was definitely a very difficult test, but with adequate preparation, you should do great. Put the time in, and you’ll get the results.

  8. Its Nice one you shared a very informative information. Its very useful for everyone. great keep it up.

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