Posted by: acedat | May 19, 2008

Hole Punching

For the hole punching section, I really didn’t come up with any innovative method. The only thing I did was to go over the ones I missed during the practice tests. The most difficult part of hole punching is probably the half hole punching. If you don’t get how these holes would turn out when they are unfolded, just get some paper and try them on your own. Other than that, you should not have too much problem with this section. One thing to note is, though, you must speed through this section without losing accuracy to leave more time for the other sections.

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  1. thank you SO much for doing this. im studying to take my DATs this summer and ur input would REALLY help help a lot. keep up the good work!!! 🙂

    i really want the crack DAT PAT but it does cost a bit of money since i already bought some books to study for the DAT. i guess ill have to save up!

  2. I am taking the dat this Nov. but I ordered everything you put on your blog. Is it ok for the year you listed and that I am taking it 2010?

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