Posted by: acedat | May 16, 2008


For those of you that needs more practice besides Topscore, Achiever, and Kaplan, this product is excellent for you guys. Although I have not used it personally for my DAT (because I never knew about it), I think it provides great practice problems and probably the best investment you can make to improve your PAT section. Not only it comes with 10 Full Length PAT practice tests, it has 2500 Angle Ranking Questions, 4500 Cube Counting Questions, & 2500 Hole Punching Questions. You can read more about it in the description

“With Crack DAT PAT, our overarching goal is to help students achieve & fulfill their dream score on the Perceptual Ability Test (PAT) of the Dental Admission Test. DAT scores are becoming more & more competitive each year; some dental schools filter out students based off of PAT scores. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that you conduct computerized based examinations under actual testing conditions. Crack DAT PAT mimics the testing interface that you would see at the Prometric Testing Center. Crack DAT PAT yields wonderful benefits. Our Royal Flush package is equipped with 10 Full Length Perceptual Ability Tests (900 PAT Questions coupled with 2D & 3D user-interactive explanations for each question). Moreover, in the Royal Flush Edition, you can tackle an arsenal of 2500 Angle Ranking Questions, 4500 Cube Counting Questions, & 2500 Hole Punching Questions. In addition, you will have the ability to generate “Random Tests” so that no one test is the same. No wonder we call this the Royal Flush Edition: you will have a bank of 10,000 Perceptual Ability Test Questions!!! What’s even better is that the software never expires. And if we release a new version, you can update your software for free! You can even take tests as many times as you wish! We have an awesome guarantee: If you score less than 15 on the PAT, send us your score report & we’ll refund your order. Many of our clients have maximized their score on the DAT exam by successfully integrating our service into their DAT preparation regimen. Start using Crack DAT PAT and give yourself the advantage you deserve.
Crack DAT PAT is delivered electronically and is compatible with both PC and MAC computers. You will receive the software within 24 hours. No shipping costs & you can start your preparation right away. You will also be given a permanent account on our website which will give you the luxury to download the software and new versions at anytime. “




  1. Hey i’m a current predental student, and your blog has been really helpful to me. I was wondering if I could shoot you an email with regard to further questions I have about studying for the DAT? Thanks!

  2. Hey I want to order the top score that you mentioned. I do pretty well on PAT with Kaplan should i still gt crack pat or will top score be an okay review?

    • hey roj, at least from my experience kaplan PAT is so much easier than what i saw on the real DAT. So it would be a good investment to get additional materials to practice for the PAT section.

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