Posted by: acedat | May 14, 2008

PAT: Cube Counting and Hole Punching + Time Management

Before I go over cube counting and hole punching, I would like to go over one important aspect of PAT section: time management. Although you are given 60 minutes for the whole section, you should not (or must not) spend an equal amount of time for each problem. Regardless of difficulty of the each subsection, there are a few subsections that you need to spend much less time than others. These are angle ranking, cube counting, and hole punching. You must speed through the angle ranking section because although it is difficult, spending more time on this section won’t give you a better answer. Like I said in the previous post, look at the angles closely and carefully and pick your best answer and move on. Also, you need not spend much time on cube counting and hole punching because they are the easiest part of PAT.  Using this guideline and your assessment/aptitude of each subsection of PAT, you need to distribute your 60 minutes appropriately.   

Going back to cube counting and hole punching, they are perhaps the two easiest section on the real PAT section. They are right on par with topscore in terms of difficulty. Perhaps, there were 1 or 2 half-hole punching on the real one (if I remember correctly) like the ones on DAT Achiever but the rest were really simple to do. If you are already good with these sections, don’t bother reading this post. It probably won’t help you much.

Cube Counting:

I used this simple method that I made to do all the cube counting problems.

I will continue next time.



  1. Hey! your blog is really useful, how long did it take you to prepare for the DAT

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