Posted by: acedat | May 9, 2008

PAT: Angle Ranking

This section of PAT may be the easiest section on the practice tests. On the real test, however, it is the hardest. Why? Because on the real test, the angles differ by very few degrees. So don’t be fooled by the practice tests that this section is easy.  For this section, basically, there is really only one thing you could do to do well.  It is really simple, yet overlooked. It is to look really closely. I have read some people suggesting to look from far. To me, this makes no sense. Two really similiar angles should look more similiar and similiar as you view it farther and farther. So when you are having trouble deciding which angle is bigger/smaller, look at one angle really closely and then look at the other one. Then based on your best judgement, decide which angle is bigger and smaller. I think this is the only legitimate thing to do for this section.

Recommended Books

1. DAT Achiever. Their angle ranking problems are harder than the other practice tests.

2. Barron’s How to Prepare for the Dental Admissions Test (Dat) Another decent DAT book that has good angle ranking problems although not as good as DAT Achiever’s

3. *** STRONGLY RECOMMENDED*** Crack DAT PAT for the Dental Admission Test . Never tried it myself because I never knew this product existed at the time I was preparing for my DAT. But I have heard alot of good things about this product. So give it a try!


4. Kaplan DAT 2008-2009 Edition (with CD-ROM) (Kaplan Dat (Dental Admission Test)). Their angle ranking problems are way easier than the real ones. You should be getting perfect on these. At least 14/15.

If you still need extra problems, you can make some of your own. Have someone make you some angle ranking problems using a protractor.

Time spent: 40 Minutes



  1. IMO. Crack DAT PAT is great for angle ranking, the angles differ by degrees. Cube counting is also really similiar to the real DAT. The top front end and keyhole seem to be easier than the real DAT though. I suggest using Kaplan for TFE and Keyhole, and then going too Crack DAT for angles, cube counting, folding, and hole punch.

  2. Great Comment Jon!

  3. please let me know what is good for pattern folding I have many problem with it


  4. not sure how you can really prepare for the angle ranking… on the practice test i just took (off the ADA website), all the angles looked the same. you have no time so you just take a stab at it and move on. how is this helping in evaluating us as potential students?

  5. To Sohi,
    I think the practice for all the PAT subsections is the Crack the PAT. Theres so many practice that comes with it that its unbelievable. In terms of strategy, if you get stuck on pattern folding, you should actually copy the pattern and cut it out and try it out yourself.

  6. there arent really any strategy for this section. but think about this. let’s say you have 50 degree angle and 45 degree angle. if you look at those angles from really far, you won’t discern the difference. however, as you look at it closely, you will see that 50 degree angle is bigger than the 45 angle. Thus, if you have angles that are a degree or 2 apart, the closely you look at the two angles, it will be more easily to figure out which one is bigger or not. Of course, even if you look at it closely, it will still be hard to tell the difference but this is the best legit way to do this type of problem. Just keep that in mind and keep practicing with Crack the PAT.

  7. the angles in CDP have many errors. an angle which is clearly less than 90 degrees is assumed as 95 degreees in the explanation. does anyone else feel the same way?

  8. hello, i am really struggling with pat front top end section of the pat. What do you suggest I do to improve?! crack the dat?

  9. I also noticed couple of problems in CrackDATPAT that show several problems with angle ranking. I can say obviously that the angle is less than 90, their explanation gives 95. Are there any suggestions for angle ranking problems?

  10. Hi, First of all thank you so much for creating this blog cause it is so helpful. Secondly, I have a question about the Kaplan Blue Book, is there any specific reason that you are suggeting it’s 2008-2009 edition? cause the newer editions are available now

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